Darwin Cables Silver II RCA 1M Chinchkabel Demo, ZUBEHÖR zur KLANG- und BILDOPTIMIERUNG, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Darwin Cables Silver II RCA 1M Chinchkabel Demo

Darwin Cables

€590.00 €690.00

Die neuen Reinsilber "Wunderkabel" aus den USA.

 Tolle Dynamik. Neutraler Klang. Sehr detaiiliert und genau.


Das berichtet DARWIN AUDIO USA über die Ascension Kabel: ('größeres Modell, klanglich kaum ein Unterschied zu hören)

We are excited to announce our new Darwin Ascension cable. By now the word has leaked out. (We sent out evaluation cables.) Audio/Video Revolution has posted a rave review—“I've never heard a better cable...”—that has been linked to top audio sites all over the web.

The top European audio site Mono/Stereo has us featured as well. But, hey, we don't mind the enthusiasm. An incredible amount of research and development has gone into this cable—a refinement of materials and including a new build technique that caused one beta tester to say, “This is the last cable you will ever need to buy.”

Geez, we hope not. Have we just killed the market? One cable and you're out? Could be.

This is the cable that one of our trusted evaluators took into a half-million dollar audio system, replacing $12,000 cables, only to watch the stunned look on the owners face as he contemplated a $595 cable that was every bit the equal right out of the gate, and our friend says, better.

Let the eye-rolling begin. Just another cable company with a “new and better” product, right? Hey, we get the skepticism. It's impossible not to be a cynic after spending hundreds and thousands on cables that looked nice but were poorly designed. We get it.

Darwin Cable Company was born out of the frustration that audio had become an elitist sport dependent entirely upon one's pocketbook. We set out to build a cable—silver wire, low mass, air dielectric—that would not only compete with but beat cables at any price. Our customers say we accomplished that with our Darwin Silver, which StereoMojo put on the map a year ago with not one, but two enthusiastic reviews.

Our new Darwin Ascension raises the bar.

Now, some of the cynics are convinced there is some kind of nefarious plot going on here. All these glorious reviews are just the (wink-wink) result of a media source incestuously rewarding a big dollar advertiser, right? Awesome theory except for one thing. Beyond our weekly Audiogon listing and listings on eBay, we have never spent a dime on advertising. We don't buy reviews. Our reputation is built in the real world of actual customers sharing their experiences and on the integrity of reviewers who risk upsetting big money advertising by simply telling the truth about an upstart company with a whole new approach to audio.

There are exchanges on audio forums between Darwin owners, who admittedly can sometimes have a religious zeal, having seen the light... er... HEARD the light, and skeptics who try to compare our cable to other companies whose design may vaguely resemble ours.

But set aside for a moment the understandable skepticism and consider one possibility.


Maybe Darwin Cables really are that good.


Maybe two blue-collar audio idealists—Tony Bender and Bill Magerman—out-worked, out-researched and out-innovated companies that make bank robbers look like pikers.

Maybe you should buy one and hear it for yourself.

And maybe after that you will believe in Santa Claus again.

There is a reason Darwin Cables have met with universal approval from our customers. It is because with our stunningly revealing, completely neutral and balanced design—a pristine signal delivering the truth—there simply are no compatibility issues. These are not tone control cables. We promise the purest, most transparent signal on the market and we deliver the truth.

The presentation is huge. Dynamic. High end sparkle. Accuracy. Inner detail. Layers, texture. An unrestricted midrange and Darwin's trademark bass. Low, taut and phenomenal.

The result can be transformative. If it sounds like your system has been supercharged, it is just the result of your components being allowed to perform to their potential.

At Darwin Cable Company, we relentlessly pursue perfection. Did we think we could improve on the original flagship Darwin Silver? Nope. But our fanaticism knows no bounds. We developed a time-consuming but rewarding design that evolved into the Darwin Ascension.


We encourage you to read the front page review on Audio/Video Revolution. Here is an excerpt:


“...the Ascension proved to be a real revelation. It was pretty obvious that all the tweaking that the folks at Darwin had done to improve the performance of the Darwin Silver paid off. What became a recurring theme in my listening sessions was the enormous size of the soundstage, regardless of musical genre. Another characteristic of the Ascension was how much recorded detail it allowed to come through the speakers, but not at the expense of body, flow, and coherence. No spotlighting. It made great recordings more pleasurable to listen to, on the other hand exposed bad recordings for what they were, without any sugar coating.

“The Ascension also improved with time from an already impressive start in. More nuances of various recordings came through, like the acoustic guitar strumming in “Sour Girl” from the Stone Temple Pilots classic No.4 album, from 2000.. The album’s closing epic track, “Atlanta” gained a sense of scale and drama that approached what I heard live in a recent performance by Scott Weiland, the band’s on again, off again lead singer.

“Rhythm And Repose, the excellent 2012 album by Irish singer and songwriter Glen Hansard, of the Frames and the Swell Season, is wonderfully recorded. The Ascension, more than any other cable I have used, allowed the warm, yet precise production to shine through. Hansard's clever arrangements and heartfelt songs are difficult not to fall for, and the Darwin cable cut right to the chase, allowing this song cycle to flow beautifully.

“The beguiling new album by the young British songwriter Laura Marling, Once I Was An Eagle, was simply ravishing as presented by the Ascension. The album is very nicely produced and throws in a few new twists on Marling’s overall sound. We still get her heavy Joni Mitchell and Neil Young leanings, but with some Eastern motifs thrown in, which gives the album a Led Zeppelin III feel, of all things. All the gorgeous nuances and emotional inflections were there, with the Ascension delicately framing the whole picture.

“I ran through a variety of more off-beat favorites to see if there was anything that could trip up the Ascension, but to no avail. It remained coherent and drew me into the music regardless of genre. I listened toa lot of world music during the review period, including albums from Bombino, Rokia Traore, Salif Keita, and Raghu Dixit. In all cases, the music flowed with liquid ease, and that same coherence, despite some rhythmically challenging recordings.

“The folks at Darwin Cable Company have appeared to turn the price to performance ratio on its head with their new cable, the Darwin Ascension. Within the context of my system, I have not heard a “better” cable. I can honestly say I wanted for nothing sonically. The balance of the cable was spot on, and never had me fidgeting or feeling something was not right. When audiophiles talk about a cable “getting out of the way” of the music, this is what they mean.

“(Darwin Cable Company) set out to make a cable that sonically competed with the very best, regardless of price point. Making a cable that had any compromises was not the game plan. I believe they have achieved their goal... Count me as a believer in the Darwin philosophy... start with solid engineering theory, trial and error, and ultimately listening to finalize your product. Hats off to the Darwin Cable Company for offering relief from audiophile cable pricing sticker shock. Highly recommended.

Here is some feedback from a select few beta testers who insisted on buying the new Darwin Ascension after hearing it.

• “I'm blown away. I have good equipment. I listen to good music. But, I've never heard the potential of my components and recordings to such a high level before. These cables let me hear how good it all is. What am I hearing? First, clarity. I'm hearing the lyrics, voices and instruments, not a mishmash of sound. Each instrument of the music fits nicely with the others, as it should. Yet, there is a quality which I can only describe as "presence". Each component piece of the ensemble, whether a voice, guitar, trumpet, xylophone, whatever, exists in its own space and is distinct and accurate. The sound is "up front", but I hear these instruments emerge from the back and sides, where they are located within the recording space. The stage is wide and deep. Talking about depth, I've never been drawn into the music like this. I can focus on a part of the music, or the whole. It doesn't matter: I'm enjoying myself. Shimmering highs, taut and detailed bass, midrange with authority, or subtlety. Decay. Accuracy. It's all there. I can play the stereo louder. There is no breakup, distortion or harshness as the music gets louder... I AM HEARING HOW GOOD MY COMPONENTS AND TUBES ARE! ...And, the Darwin Ascensions bring out the beauty of every recording I listen to. Jeez, It's as if I had earmuffs on for all these years. My old cables should be melted down for scrap!”—Joel G. (3-phono/shielded cables)

• “Immediately, I was impressed by both clarity and the non-loss of bass throughout the music. I will not compare The Darwin Ascension to other interconnects that I have owned in the respect that the Ascensions were the best to my ear bar none… the sound of the Ascensions was so dramatic I could not believe what I was hearing. After I ran speaker cable to my outdoor B&W speakers, my son said he had never heard outdoor speakers sound that good. "Those guys know what they are doing," he said. Someday, I may have to downsize, but the Darwin Ascensions will remain. It is great to know that success comes to those who think outside the box. This Ascension cable gets my highest recommendation.” —Jack Hrvatin, customer (Ascension IC)

• “I am not a golden ear or a professional reviewer. I have, however, been upgrading my system since 1967 and have attended hundreds of concerts, ranging from being a regular at the Fillmore East and a long time subscriber to the New York Philharmonic. I like what I like and I love my Darwin Ascension interconnects, which have been in my system for about four weeks. They are truly outstanding and an outright steal at double their price. I visited my brother’s home and listened to Darwin Silver interconnects which he was auditioning in place of highly regard $1300 per pair Brand XYZ interconnects. The Darwins simply blew away the far more expensive cables. There was simply no comparison. I will not mention the make of the other cables, for I come to praise Darwin and not to bury XYZ. The Darwins simply transformed his B&W speakers, raising them to a level that I thought was unobtainable, bringing them closer to my Wilson Watt-Puppy 5.1s than to their former state. I was awe-struck and decided on the spot that I was going to replace my $600 per pair XYZ interconnects.

“As for my system, it was, IMHO, pretty good before I swapped the Darwin Ascensions for their predecessor cables. Everyone of my friends and relatives, audiophiles and civilians, as well, were already bowled over by my rig. In addition to the Wilsons, I own, among other things, all Rogue amplification which I think sounds far superior to far more expensive equipment I have listened to. These amps are the Rogue 99 Super Magnum pre-amp (with Sylvania 6SN7WGT tubes), the Rogue Medusa power amp (with Mullard 12AU7, long plate, square getter, tubes), and the Rogue Aires phono pre-amp (with pairs of Mullard 12AX7 and 12AU7, long plate, square getter, tubes). These are killer amps and I would refer any reader of this rave review of Darwin Ascension to the Rogue Audio web site for links to rave reviews of these very serious amps. These amps are incredible no matter which cable I use. They just happen to be more incredible connected to the Darwins.

“I would describe the Darwin Ascension interconnects as being incredibly coherent. They relay whatever is recorded upon the vinyl or digital recordings that I listen to. The air around every instrument and every note is palpable. The soundstage is wider and deeper than I have ever experienced in my system. Because notes and chords are distinct, rather than slurred or blaring, music takes on a clarity that I had never before experienced in my system. It almost seems as if the timing of recordings is altered, allowing the music to flow in a more coherent progression. I hear new layers of sounds in recordings that I have listened to hundreds of times over many decades. Music is both more dynamic and subtle across the entire frequency spectrum. Everything I listen to sounds great from chamber music to rock, played at near ear bleed levels. In addition, the sound of CDs is improved when played over the Darwin Ascension cables, bringing them closer to vinyl. These cables bring to life and fully illustrate the transformative nature, reviewers and manufacturers wax poetic over, that great cables can have upon an audio system. These cables have afforded a far greater bang for the buck improvement in my audio system than any other change or addition I can think of.” J. Gorinsky, (3 Darwin Ascension phono/shielded)


Each cable is rigorously tested, analyzed and goes through numerous refinements. We simply will not sell a cable that we are not convinced is superior in performance. We are in the process of refining other designs. When we have exhausted every conceivable method of improvement, we'll release them. But not a minute before.