DoAcoustics Lautsprecher originalverpackt DoAcoustics 202 Paarpreis
DoAcoustics Lautsprecher originalverpackt DoAcoustics 202 Paarpreis DoAcoustics Lautsprecher originalverpackt DoAcoustics 202 Paarpreis

DoAcoustics 202 Paarpreis


€8,990.00 €9,990.00

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Aluminium und Holz. Die perfekte Kombination für Eleganz und exzellenten Klang.

Handmade in Italy, entwickelt vom Musiker Davide Olivieri.



  • Three way bass reflex system.
  • A planar tweeter
  • A magnesium woofer with copper power factor corrector
  • Crossover 1° & 2°
  • order, point to point, without a printed circuit.
  • Mundorf component.
  • OFC internal cables WSC manual weldings Rhodium
  • connectors.
  • A magnetic junctions grid.


  • +/- 3 db 30 Hz – 20 KHz – 1 watt/m
  • 90 db sensibility
  • 4 Ohm nominal impedance


  • H × W × D cm
  • 108 × 20 × 34


Kg. 35


25 – 250 watt


5 years


Natural Bamboo,

Natural Brushed Aluminium and chrome.

Extremely resistant, bamboo possesses a superior hardness in comparison with the most common woods and can brag of very good mechanic properties.

Bamboo is resistant and light and is also called “natural steel”, because it has got a high coefficient of elasticity, a very low shrinkage and a remarkable steadiness.

Bamboo shows a high resistance to humidity and possesses some not very known antibacterial properties because sometimes it is moth-proof, mould-proof and anti-allergic.

Bamboo is an ecological material: in fact there is not any deforestation because bamboo is a gramineus plant with spontaneus regrowth and the sort of bamboo plants utilized for the DoAcoustics diffusers are not the sort of plants that panda eat.

Finally bamboo is elegant, eco-sustainable and innovating.


The best expression of multi way speakers.
Fashion design, solid, very solid and incredible huge sound.

The acoustic diffusers are the makers of the interface between milieu and man: while designing the acoustic diffusers the DoAcoustics staff has operated using all the necessary responsibility.

In the reproduction of sound, the true enchantment, above all, is given back by the quality of the acoustic diffuser.We have always worked thinking that simplicity would have led us to reach the best result.

The search went on with an accurate choice of the stuff , following the continual experimentations and listening trials: aluminium and wood, a pair of elements always combining elegance and sound qualities of high glamour.

Aluminium, besides rendering the sound diffuser extremely hard, gives heat to the sound. Here, the experimentation and the listening have guided the project beyond the common thought that considers the metals only cold materials.Each proof has revealed that, in the medium-bass frequencies, the response of this material, used in the right proportion, has given an extraordinary roundness to the sound.

Wood, and in particular bamboo, has given the final amelioration to the sonorous shell: a soft and elastic wood but, just for that, endowed of an extraordinary endurance. Bamboo is used for its particular gifts in architecture and design and perfectly suits to the soft but firm diffusion of the sound that the DoAcoustics project proposes.