FEZZ Audio Silver Luna Signature Röhrenverstärker, Verstärker, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

FEZZ Audio Silver Luna Signature Röhrenverstärker

fezz audio

€1,490.00 €1,690.00

Model: Silver LUNA Signature

Traumhafter Röhrenverstärker mit viel Kraft und mit Fernbedienung !


The most versatile, universal amplifier within the Fezz Audio portfolio. It is equipped with an extra set of driving vacuum tubes, the 6n2p EW Vaskhod, and tetrode / pentode mode switch. This combination of features offers four distinct variations, four distinct sound signatures, selectable depending on the individual preferences of the listener. 



Type : stereo vacuum tube amplifier
Max. output power : 2 x 35W
Circuit type : Push-pull AB1 Class
Output impedance : 4Ω / 8Ω
Inputs : 3 x RCA
Harmonic distortions THD : < 0,5%
Frequency response : 15Hz-77kHz (-3dB)
Power consumption : 150W
AC fuse : 3,15A T
Net weight : 15,3kg
Dimensions : 400x320x165mm
Tubes : EL34 x 4 (power output), ECC83 / 6n2p x 2 (pre-amp & drivers)
Bias adjustement type: manual
Optional equipment: remote control , auto-bias module, HT (pre-in) input, tube cage