Guru Solid Lautsprecherkabel Paarpreis mit beidseitig Bananensteckern, kabel, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Guru Solid Lautsprecherkabel Paarpreis mit beidseitig Bananensteckern


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 mit beidseitig Bananensteckern bestückt, sensationelle Klang- zu Preis- Relation !

 Zitate Guru Audio:

The world does not necessarily need more speaker cable. Not to mention more magical thinking that tends to surround these mysterious conveyors of electromagnetic pulses that we perceive as sound.

But when our engineers decided to create the Guru Solid speaker cable, it was because they were unable to find precisely what they were looking for.

The Guru Solid speaker cable is made from solid copper terminated with proprietary 4 mm banana plug-type clasps.

It's completely free of PVC.

The clasps connect securely with your Gurus, eliminating loose or bad connections. Unlike just about any other type of speaker wire, the white/grey twisted strands and leather labels makes them a visually striking piece of kit -- cables you won’t want to hide. In addition, the Guru Solid cables are particularly well suited when your speakers are placed close to a wall.

Here's what Morten Egholm, a Danish Film Editor (and music lover), says about the new Guru Solids:

”Okay a few words about how these cables work in my system and room. I feel they are indeed very well suited with these speakers, both mechanically and sonically.

They are easily fitted even though my speakers are placed right up to the wall. The banana "clamps" seem very low mass, which should be good for the sound, and seem to have a very good grip on the cable. Soundwise, the cables seem to reinforce the fast, live concert like qualities of the speakers. Bass is very much in timing with the rest of the music, and goes deep without being boomy. Treble has no trace of artificial, silver-added emphasis.

Indeed, like the speakers, the cable seem to emphasize music as in timing and coherency, not diminutive details and endless 3D-ish soundstage.

So, if you like what the Guru speakers give you, these cables will give you more.”
Thanks for sharing your first impressions with the community, Morten. Your comments are spot on – the Guru Solids were designed to be transparent in sound and conspicuous in their visual appeal, while being easy to manage.

Enjoy the music!
Note: Morten Egholm is playing his Guru QM10s with Naim Supernait