Digitalkabel Harmonix HS-102 RCA 1m, ZUBEHÖR zur KLANG- und BILDOPTIMIERUNG, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Digitalkabel Harmonix HS-102 RCA 1m


€790.00 €800.00

Unser Tipp !  Musikalisch besser als viele Kabel bis zum dreifachen Preis...

DAS Digitalkabel das nicht "digital" klingt, warm, harmonisch, musikalisch !


Most of digital cables you have experienced sounds aggressive, colored and distorted.

This sort of sound will invite serious music lover stresses while listening to the music.

At the same time, the music deliver by such cables will be transformed into the different performance. The performance will bring you limited passion and emotion in music.

Harmonix HS102 digital cables will transmit signals surprisingly quick and smooth.
The sound that HS102 deliver is so natural, exquisite and brilliant.

Connectors: Original design
Wire material: PCOCC, one directional pure copper