IFI Micro iDSD D/A Wandler Kopfhörerverstärker Demogerät ! - Hifiteamshop - home entertainment for you -
IFI Micro iDSD D/A Wandler Kopfhörerverstärker Demogerät ! - Hifiteamshop - home entertainment for you - IFI Micro iDSD D/A Wandler Kopfhörerverstärker Demogerät ! - Hifiteamshop - home entertainment for you - IFI Micro iDSD D/A Wandler Kopfhörerverstärker Demogerät ! - Hifiteamshop - home entertainment for you - IFI Micro iDSD D/A Wandler Kopfhörerverstärker Demogerät ! - Hifiteamshop - home entertainment for you -

IFI Micro iDSD D/A Wandler Kopfhörerverstärker Demogerät !


€449.00 €569.00

Extrem gute Preis- Leistung:

 Unser Tipp auch für Zuhause, verbessert Ihre Anlage meistens gleich um ein paar Klassen, vor Allem wenn Sie nur einen günstigen CD-Player oder Netzwerkplayer verwenden,

spielt mit den allerbesten Wandlern (bis ca. EUR 5000.-) mit, bei uns im Geschäft anhören möglich !


Durch Akkubetrieb auch ideal für unterwegs, bezahlbar, vielfacher Testsieger !

TRAUMHAFT für unterwegs und Zuhause:

There is nothing like the micro iDSD. It is literally, out of this world. It is the only DAC in the world (at any price) to play True Native Octa-DSD512/PCM768/Double DXD. Its Perfect-Match means it can be fine-tuned to any headgear from IEMs all the way through to large headphones. Its 8v/4000mW output makes it one of the most powerful headamps to drive even the most hungry of headphones with ease.


iFi has forged an enviable reputation for being at the forefront of computer audio technology. The micro iDSD has just made another leap, an Octa-Leap to be precise. With its special Dual-Core Burr-Brown native DSD/PCM chipset at the heart, the micro iDSD is capable of True Native PCM768, Octa-Speed DSD512 and 2x DXD; it is simply out of this world.


The micro iDSD has 3 different power modes Eco, Normal and Turbo. Capable of 4000mW, 1000mW or 250mW, the micro iDSD is able to drive the full gamut of headphone and amplifiers alike. With iEMatch there to dial to suit any IEM, the micro iDSD has redefined the headphone amplifier class.

Used along with the analogue volume control, the diminutive size of the micro iDSD belies its uncanny ability to drive virtually anything and everything!



SmartPower® is the micro iDSD’s onboard recharging feature for Smartdevices. Its 4800mAH battery is able to fully recharge an iPhone two-times. Compatible with Apple and Android, phones and tablets, it is another example of iFi’s commitment to customer needs – enjoy high-end audio on the go without worrying about the phone going flat.


iFi’s iCAN and iTube have already achieved widespread acclaim, so much so that their core features including 3D Holographic and XBass have become renowned in their own right and imitated by others. In the micro iDSD, for the first time in an iFi product, it features XBass and 3D Holographic for Headphones and Speakers. All these features are still executed in the analogue, not digital domain to preserve the original music format.

And so much more….with the amazing Crowd-Design program, we are over the moon that you, the customer was central to the development of the micro iDSD. The micro iDSD is literally bursting with features – such as Direct/Pre-Amp, 3.5mm input, SPDIF Input/Output and much, much more. You will have to see it to believe it.



 Ken from the iClub, reviews and pairs the iCan Micro with the iDSD Micro….Good results!

Ken is an iFi customer who won his entry into the iClub during the Christmas holidays and uses the iDSD Micro as both a desktop and portable device. He recently enquired about demoing the iCan Micro as a headphone amp compared to the iDSD Micro’s headphone amp. The results are in and all is good! Does he favour one more than the other? What are his thoughts? Find out for yourselves……..

Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7gxzmVDhf0

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlpQidbvdDQ&feature=youtu.be

Thanks Ken!

Present and Future: iDSD Micro!

“the iDSD DAC and headphone amp was launched in 2014 after a long period of crowd-based design that took place over on Head-Fi.Org. Crowd-based design, you ask? Yes — all features were discussed and put to a vote by the forum’s members while designer Thorsten Loesch and the rest of the AMR-iFi Audio team gave details about the various technical options and solutions that could be implemented on the iDSD…..The capabilities of this Swiss Army knife of a device do not end here. The SPDIF input works like an output too, so you can use the iDSD as an interface or S/PDIF converter for other digital sources. Not enough? The S/PDIF is a hybrid, and will take optical-in, too. Want even more? How about the possibility to use the iDSD to charge your cell phone? Yes, it can breathe new life into your smartphone from the internal 4800mAH battery through the side USB port…..Happily, iFi engineers know that many prefer in-ear monitors instead of classic headphones, and they have provided the possibility to adjust the output impedance…..Recommended.”

Thanks Panagiotis Karavitis & partimeaudiophile!


iDSD Micro: The Overachiever

“The British company is the more budget oriented sister brand of the prestige Abbingdon Music Research and have made a name for able to punch above its weight when it comes to price/performance ratio….If anything, the micro iDSD that is going to be reviewed here has set a new bar on what it means to be an overachiever in the world of portable audio gear. Never have we seen so many features being packed into one portable USB DAC + amp while still having such level of performance….the use of a recessed USB type A male connector. This makes using either a camera connection kit for Apple iOS devices or an USB OTG cable for Android devices much easier….If you ever need a portable USB DAC + amp that can just about do it all, do it well, and do it without costing a limb, I reckon this is it.”

This review also made Head-fi’s front page….http://www.head-fi.org/products/ifi-audio-micro-idsd/reviews/13009

Thanks Tai / ClieOS of In Ear Matters and Head-fi!


Richardo of Flickr says “Once you’ve tried iFi, there’s no going back”

“After adding a dac to my system, it’s impossible to go back, for some years I was trying to add one. Finely brought one. iFi iRack completes the setup, iFi iDSD, transforms a not bad sound in Harman Kardon GLA-55 in an Audiophile computer heaven, I did not even believed that the GLA-55 could be so much better, but believe me, the iFi iDSD, iFi Dac, are something amazing. You need a good hi resolution audio like the studio masters from linn, chesky or HD Tracks to listen real hi res sound in pure nirvana. It can also listen to acc from iTunes with better quality, but acc or mp3 show all limitations after listen studio masters, there is no going back. iUSB takes the noise from the usb signal, interesting as this really works, more precise sound. iRack is only cosmetic for me, but beautiful.”

Thanks Richardo!

Check out Richardo’s profile here! https://www.flickr.com/photos/macdesktops/

Rover901 makes room for the iDSD Micro!

“I purchased a few months ago Miccro iDSD, has bought iUSB, Gemini double-headed USB cable and ilink DDC…Micro iDSD is IFI latest decoding, built-in headphone amp, battery-powered, can be used out of the street…. I with my LG g flex line USB Audio Player Pro into iDSD push grado 325, gentle, sweet voice, adequate water, even very high toxicity. Moist sweet vocals, punchy’s lively pop and jazz Jieyou high audibility, I am very surprised….give me a high IDSD music enjoyment. I used to listen IDSD pop, jazz, but more and more into the feelings! IDSD, so that makes me happy.”

Thanks rover901 of ruffian off state PIXNET!



“Overflowing With Features!” says Potatoe94 of Head-Fi about the iDSD Micro!

Pros: Superbly clean output , Lots of Power , Dynamic , Practical , Features ( 3D Holographic & XBass) , Battery Life , Construction , Design , Value .

Potatoe94’s conclusion; “Until now, iFi has never made a product that disappoint, they are a truly remarkable company which makes remarkable products, The iDSD Micro design features was brainstormed with the community in mind, seeking suggestions from the fellow users here in head-fi, which i think is a really beautiful thing to see, the company putting the users first and listening to what the user wants, and includes them in their design, all companies should learn from this. The iDSD certainly is a monster packed full of features, made with quality and made to impress.”

“There is really nothing not to love about it. I hope that iFi continues to make excellent quality products as such, and i look forward to your next product in the iFi line !”

Thanks Potatoe94 and Head-fi!



HeadMania impressed by the iDSD Micro!

The tests were performed with iFi iDSD Micro, Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCD-X, HiFiMAN HE-560, Shure 535-LTD, Sennheiser IE800, FiiO X5, FiiO E12A.

“Looking at the specs I was really impressed….Indeed, the unit is very versatile. You can use it just as DAC, just as headphone amp, pre-amp and dac/amp combo of course. The unit can also be used as USB converter as it has a spdif output as well. Besides the above, iFi still had some stuff that impressed me even further…..As I expected, the battery ads clarity and detail to the sound and it is not something hard to notice. The unit sounded very good when it was powered from usb as well and it seemed a little warmer / more analogue….My Shure 535 LTD are very sensitive and I have rarely found an amplifier not to present a small hiss in the background. With iFi the noise disappeared completely proving to be a good match with it….One of the strong things about this unit is that it sounds very natural….The Micro packs a good amount of details. I could hear some subtle things in the songs like only a gentle stroke over a guitar string, a car passing by the recording studio and even an artist scratching his face during the song….iFi Micro iDSD was a really nice surprise. I never expected this quality at that price. I didn’t feel like I was listening to a portable unit at all. I felt like listening to a full blown desktop rig. Actually, I think it might beat a lot of more expensive and bigger desktop rigs.”

Thanks Headmania!



USA Amazon customer says “ifi Micro iDSD Rocks $50k SOUND!!!! sorry audiophiles your investment is now obsolete!”

“Perfect!! Dont waste your money on other equipment. This is crowd source designed. It means humans who like other humans, built it for humans to enjoy! I could not order it from amazon, they were out of stock. But either way its awesome! it does DSD 64,128,256,and 512 also does PCM all the way to 768!. It is very advanced and will last for years to come. You can use it with your amplifier or walk around with it connected to your phone lookin like an Alien!! I am glad i discovered iFi Company. I am waiting for the Pro model coming out in may. The sound this device puts out rivals setups of $10k to $50k. Why?? How??? can this be… Simple. Technology evolves and iFi company loves to use cutting edge chips in their engineering. This model uses a Burr Brown Double dac chip design. In my opinion it blows away the ess sabre dac. It is the most advanced device on the market for Hi Resolution music. Unless you want to drop $50k up to you for braggin right on golf course! But for $500 very very smart! Thank you ifi Company, you won a customer for life!”

Thank you Amazon customer and iFi fan!



AudioBlast waxes over the Turbo-charged micro iDSD!

“This is one of the few companies I will have to run to catch up with!….
In fact, my friend and I both felt that whatever deficiencies might lay in
the LCD-3 in comparison we did not fault the iFi iDSD. The little iFi unit
drove the magnetic planar cans with aplomb, at a quality level I would judge
plenty acceptable for most listeners.”

Thank you Audio Blast!




Joshua from USA reviews and gives the iDSD micro 5 stars via Amazon.com!

“Sound quality: In a single word great! I’ve tested this unit with a variety of over the ear headphones, IEMs, and compared this to a variety of other amps, and DACs….The 3D sound — to my ear — offers a slight treble boost while adding a tiny bit of reverb. This gives a sound that is a bit like using a open back headphone or like you’re listening to your music in a room with nice acoustics. The XBass is just a modest boost of the very low ranges with can be a help for headphones that are lacking in the thump department….I typically don’t review many products, but with the service I’ve received, and sound quality offered, I felt compelled….If you want a solid unit that sounds great with virtually every IEM or over the ear headphone, from a company that stands behind their product and has great customer service — look no further.”

Thanks Joshua!



Jdlivestrong’s custom ‘AVC iRack’ for the iDSD Micro & iUSBPower!

We just had to share this….a custom ‘iRack’ built by Audiophile Vibration Control. While it is not the iFi iRack it sure is fine!

“After just over a week of owning the iFi Micro iDSD and iUSB Power combo (I’m calling that combo iDSD Stack ) I knew it was special and that it was in my system to stay for a very long time. I decided to pack up my iDSD, iUSB Power, and Gemini and send it to Mike over at Audiophile Vibration Control (AVC) so he could design and build a rack that was more stable and offered better isolation for the iDSD Stack. The reason for this is that it plays double duty for me – I use it for headphones as well as in my main 2 channel rig. After a couple of weeks of prototyping, he came up with something that far exceeded my expectations.”

Nice one Jdlivestrong!



iDSD Micro: Best product 2014 for HifiClube.Net by José Victor Henriques!

José Victor Henriques is one the most well-established and “longest-serving” reviewers in the audio industry in Portugal and possibly Europe.

For Mr Henriques to bestow this very prestigious award to the micro iDSD meant it saw off a raft very strong challengers.

We absolutely over the moon!

Thanks José, HiFiClube and SmartAudio (iFi:Portugal)!



Pedro of reproductormp3.net says the iDSD Micro is the best amp / dac at semiportable size!

“…undoubtedly the best amp / dac I’ve had at these levels is semiportable size is not a billet. Its construction is impeccable, very nice and manageable. It has several levels of gain, filters, Extra bass, three-dimensional sound…can with all kinds of headphones from iems, gain to a minimum as hard wingback, as Audeze lc2 that one day I managed to coincide both with the gain in turbo moves without breaking a sweat with the volume half, when supplied one ipod classic by the lineout. The sound you get with IDSD is a delight, just perfect, I would say pulling to neutral. As dac, for me it is a masterpiece, I’ve never heard better music with my pc…”

Thanks Pedro Botero of reproductormp3.net & Zococity (iFi:Spain)



Jasper of HiFiSenses reviews the iDSD Micro!

“The iFi Micro iDSD is like a Swiss army knife that is able to do much more than their smaller Nano or even any other products offered in their product line….iFi are starting to up their game and implementing better technology, making for stiffer competition amongst similar or higher priced DACs….The iFi Micro iDSD presents fast electronic music with great punch and dynamics that kept my fingers tapping along with the rhythmic beats…..IFi has really stepped up their game in the past few years and is able to deliver a product that is so versatile, being able to playback any files currently in the market and has a very powerful headphone amplifier that even powered up the very inefficient HiFiMAN HE-6. At this price point, it is a really an excellent performer in both the headphone amplifier and the DAC section. If you are just starting out on audio or require a spare portable Amp and DAC combination, this is one of the best ones currently available in the market.”

Thanks Jasper Soong & HiFiSenses!



iDSD Micro: High technology!

We received this PDF from our distributor for France, Elite Diffusion.

“The British manufacturer innovates….Micro-iDSD also has a USB input that can handle digital audio signals up to 768 kHz PCM and DXD. It also can handle the DSD 64, 128, 256 and 512 to the native mode, a large first in the world of DACs. Micro-iDSD
includes a conversion circuit Burr-Brown doublecore of last generation. The user has access to three-position filter output, which changes the format detected (PCM, and DXD DSD)….The amplifier suitable can deliver up to 4000 mW! One can choose a power range from three (Eco, Normal and Turbo) that will affect the autonomy of the Internal Lithium polymer, respectively 14 hours, 10 hours and 6 hours….He shows restitution undeniable qualities, through its living character, well defined, and a stereo image high satisfactory…. It also has good linearity, and bass response satisfactory”

Translated by Google.

Thanks Elite Diffusion! (iFi:France)




HiFi.nl/FWD Home Entertainment awards the micro iDSD “2014 DAC of the Year!”

Santa Claus delivered to iFi a little early this year.

We are absolutely overjoyed to have won the prestigious DAC of the Year by HiFi.nl/FWD Home Entertainment magazine. To say this category was hotly contested would be an understatement as the leading DACs ranged from Euro199 > Euro19,000 (no, not a typo).

HiFi.nl/FWD is the Netherlands most widely-read online/printed audio magazine so this is a very large feather in our cap.

“The micro iDSD is not a gadget but serious “meisterstuck” with progressive technology from the stable of head designer Thorsten Loesch. You can use it as an advanced DAC or directly out to loudspeakers but best of all, it is the world’s first DAC capable of native Octa-DSD.”

Dank u HiFi.nl/Home Entertainment you just made our Christmas. We wish you all a very good Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Lee Scoggins of Headphone Guru awards the iDSD Micro Product of the year 2014!

“My choice for Product of the Year is the iFi iDSD Micro. At $499 I expected a nice little compact DAC with decent sound and to be honest some fairly basic features. What I got was entirely different. I heard detail and musicality far beyond its price. I found a feature set that was surprisingly comprehensive with a terrific headphone amp. But the sound is just sublime and it keeps this puppy in constant use whenever I work from the home office. Well done iFi. Well done indeed.”

Wow – Thanks for awarding us Lee! All the best for 2015 



iDSD Micro is highly recommended by Mono and Stereo!

“How all this can be packed into this tinny, semi shinny now already highly recognised aluminium chassis?…. this baby is future packed and future ready!….There is something un-denyingly simple and right about music coming out of iDSD Micro….iFi iDSD Micro is a clear sign of new era where performance can take place at impressive level even without being prejudiced about the price….Talking about sci-fi, high-tech, high-performance utilisation in the smallest foot print? You’ve got it….iFi Audio micro iDSD can literary crush some of the giants, that costed 10k and more up in the past. In the era where everybody talks about resolution, dynamics, speed, transparency iDSD micro brings all that plus musicality. Enriched by the wide array features, this is really a no brainer for wider parties of interest. Geeks, music lovers, audiophiles and gadget enthusiasts can all get their urge fulfilled under one package…. iFi products continuously impress me and you can call me their avid fan.”

Thanks Matej Isak of Mono and Stereo!



iFi micro iDSD: The beast of DACs / portable and stationary Amplifiers says Rafaelpernil of reproductormp3.net!

“here are my reviews of the best DAC / amp I’ve ever tasted…The beast !!! So I call it. It’s a real bug filled with circuits that transform any digital audio, ANY, analog audio, lifetime, quality and apart, amplifies like no other portable amp….The sound of this device is very good, natural, defined, controlled, precise , detailed, up….Regarding the DAC, saying that its properties allow you to process DSD512 8x 32bit 768kHz PCM !! We may choose the digital filter to use in the format (DSD or PCM DXD) to determine the accuracy of processing. Also, if you use USB, the filter iPurifier will eliminate background noise that can ruin this true audiophile experience….A DAC / amp with these features, built-in battery and compact size for 500 € is a real bomb. No hesitation in recommending it. In fact I liked it so much that I need one. Perfection exists and manufactures iFi.”

Thanks Rafaelpernil, reproductormp3.net and Zococity (iFi:Spain) (for loaning)!



Wow! Bravo iFi! Says Mike Mercer about the iDSD micro!

To quote Mike:

“WOW! I’ve been a fan of iFi products goin’ back to my iCAN, iPhono, and my trusted iUSB PowerPlant – but when I got to hear the Micro iDSD at Canjam w/ my buddy Alex (Rosson – from Audeze) w/ my LCD-XCs I was simply blown-away!! So, because its become so popular, it took a bit to get a unit for review (which I’m definitely keeping) – but, the wait was WORTH IT!! This was the PERFECT couch system for drowning out all the political arguing goin’ on during our Thanksgiving w/ my in-laws!!

AND – since I was initially blown-away using my LCD-XCs w/ the Micro – I HAD TO DO IT:

This was really somethin’ special!!
Especially w/ my new Double Helix Cables Comp4 SE for my Audezes
and also using the DHC USB cable..
This system led me into an all-night listening sesh!!!!


Wow – Thanks Mike!

Had us grinning like a Cheshire Cat about your in-laws 



iDSD Micro receives an Qobuzissime from qobuz.com!

“If you want a DAC as well as sedentary nomad, reading all the audio formats of today and tomorrow, with a powerful headphone amplifier and with excellent musical performance, micro iDSD should meet your expectations, and more we award him a well deserved Qobuzissime!”

What Qobuz thought of the iDSD Micro and these albums;

“Listening to Introduzione al Dixit RV 635: III.Sternite, Angeli from the album Gloria, Dixit Dominus by Vivaldi in the version of Rinaldo Alessandrini leading Concerto Italiano, Masters Studio version 24 bit à44,1 kHz, we were able to enjoy the beautiful full sound reproduction with a particularly soprano almost flesh and attacks of free strings.”

“Beautiful ventilation reproduction of the title Barcelona from the eponymous album Masters Studio version 24 bit 96 kHz Freddie Mercury where he shared the stage with the diva Montserrat Caballé and where our two friends speak with a fervor that is pleasant to ears even at high levels.”

“With the title My Sweet Lord Album Let It Roll George Harrison, micro iDSD provides a strong foundation breeding and farm and spatialize commissioning brings him a significant breath of air for us.”

“Listening to the test file DXD 352.8 kHz 24-bit Sonata No. 32 Beethoven downloaded at 2L.no, it remains somewhat amazed by the ease of restitution where one almost feels the physical presence of the instrument and where strikes like the extinction of the notes are of great realism.”

“With the test file DSD Plan To Live Janet Feder, one has no difficulty imagining the interpreters here in front of you as the realism of the refund is striking with its sounds, breath musicians, we easily perceive and all those details that make living a listen.”

Thanks Philippe Daussin and Qobuz.com!



Bravo iFi! Petr of Svetaudia reviews the iDSD Micro, Gemini, iPurifier and iUSBPower!

“IFI iDSD Micro is one of the best equipped D / A converters, as regards support audio formats. Add to that the battery power, headphone amplifier, and suddenly we have a very interesting product for those seeking excellent cost to performance….Price performance ratio is excellent and IFI Micro iDSD becomes my references in the price range to 15,000…All three products from the portfolio of IFI deserve in their categories utmost attention. When you combine all three products together, to 25 000 CZK get enough quality reproductive system to play music on your PC or Mac that to subdue you have to dig into your pocket probably much deeper….IFI Bravo!”

Thanks Petr Štefek of svetaudia.cz and Exaudio.cz!


Lai Trung reviews the iDSD Micro!

LẠI TRUNG HIẾU uses the iDSD Micro with Audeze LCD 2 and a Nordost Heimdall 2 cable.

“From the first moment, I realized the sound of iDSD bright, inviting as an early autumn in England…The mid sound very magical, when low, smooth, soft and deep. At elevated, elegant, soaring. The entire stretch of mid smooth, pristine. Natural vocals, detailed medium but in the low-mid, mid, high-mid and hear clearly. The string instruments such as flute, zither, guitar reviews are stimulating the eardrum, reviews reviews guitar sound, air conditioning, and press and release each note one, the location and space are heard miraculous regeneration….Music schools open, spacious sound with precise shape is also a plus that FIs iDSD comes from. All functions just turn on 3D Holographic iDSD up. This is a crossfeed circuit, totally analog rather than the methods DSP, digital intervention in music”

Thanks LẠI TRUNG HIẾU and Tech.nv!