LAB12 Knack Netzkabel  verbessert Ihre Anlage !, ZUBEHÖR zur KLANG- und BILDOPTIMIERUNG, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

LAB12 Knack Netzkabel verbessert Ihre Anlage !


€179.00 €279.00

AC Main Power Cable

After a lot of testing on both entry level and High End equipment we couldn’t find a component that cannot be improved by replacing the OEM AC cable with Knack.

We take advantage of the cable internal capacity and inductance we achieve through the choice of materials and our special implementation technique to give Knack its filtering capabilities. The KNACK AC Power Cable suppresses a very large percentage of the EMI and RFI noise and supplies (3x6mm² conductors) as much current your wall socket can give.

Three double insulated, tinned pure copper conductors all stranded, with aluminum shield for live and neutral conductor, inside braided polyester (PET) sleeve are terminated with custom made high quality plugs with tight connections and red copper, gold plated conductors.

The perfect choice to upgrade the power of your devices.

16A and 20A versions available.

  • 16A or 20A choice of IEC connector
  • Independent braided aluminum shield to phase and neutral cores
  • High grade red copper, gold plated connectors (mk2 version)
  • Rating: 220-240Vac 16 Amp continues current
  • Total conductor thickness: 3x6mm² (3AWG)
  • Cable resistance: 3,38 mΩ/m
  • Internal capacitance: 700pf
  • Length: 1, 5 meters
The most fair way to improve your system's performance