Primaluna Prologue One secondhand
Primaluna Prologue One secondhand Primaluna Prologue One secondhand Primaluna Prologue One secondhand Primaluna Prologue One secondhand Primaluna Prologue One Hte mit neuer NOS Röhrenbestückung Second Hand - Hifiteamshop - home entertainment for you -

Primaluna Prologue One secondhand


€749.00 €1,699.00

Erstbesitz aus Nichtraucherhaushalt, High End zum Einsteigerpreis mit nagelneuen NOS Röhren aus den 60er und 70er Jahren bestückt (Röhren kosten ca. EUR 200.-) !


HTE = Hifiteamedition mit extem guter Röhrenbestückung VIEL besser als mit den billigen Originalröhren......

Wunderschön verarbeitet ! Testberichte gerne per mail !

4 Line Inputs, Abdeckung in schwarz ist im Lieferumfang dabei.

Betreibt fast jeden Lautsprecher, 2*35 Röhrenwatt sind sehr viel, bei uns  anhören !!

OVP vorhanden !

Computergesteuerte BIAS EINSTELLUNG,

Verdrahtung per HAND

Keine Platine

Höchstwertigste Bauteile !


Vielfacher Testsieger und Gewinner vieler Auszeichnungen, siehe hier:

The ProLogue Classic Integrated Amplifier is the newest version of the original first members of our family of affordable, high-quality tube products. The designers and builders of the PrimaLuna equipment all have a long history in high-end audio. We feel we have shown with PrimaLuna that we are able to offer a range of affordable audio instruments that can easily compete with today's most expensive brands and assure you we will continue that way. We firmly believe that our quality level will set the bar at a difficult height for other products to match. This PrimaLuna Classic Premium Integrated amp features:

  • Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring, using workmanship that is equal to or better than any product you can buy at any price.
  • A heavy-gauge, fully-vented steel chassis with a five coat finish. Each coat is hand-rubbed and polished.
  • Premium parts that include a toroidal transformer for power supply; custom designed -in conjunction with one of the most prestigious transformer designers in the USA- encapsulated output transformers for lowest hum; wide bandwidth for great bass and extended highs; ceramic tube sockets; ALPS volume control; Nichicon and Solen capacitors; superfast Philips-diode-circuitry; gold-plated heavy duty WBT style speaker terminals (all speakerconnectors are solid shaft, without hole, for better conductance, better sound and higher reliability); gold-plated panel mounted input jacks.
  • SoftStart™ circuit for extended life of sensitive components, plus a reduced chance of tube failure from thermal shock.
  • A new generation Adaptive AutoBias™ exclusive to PrimaLuna. This circuit monitors and smoothly adjusts bias constantly and instantly, reducing maintenance and increasing performance due to the dramatic reduction in distortion. It comes with a new extensive output stage protection circuitry with +B relay to protect output transformers, resistors and high voltage power supply in case a tube fails.
  • The ProLogue Classic Integrated Amplifiers come with an EL34/KT88 bias switch. This means that with the flip of a switch you can choose for the optimum bias setting for EL34 type of tubes or KT88 type of tubes. No hassle with screwdrivers, no messing around with meters etc. Just switch tubes, switch bias!
  • All new PrimaLuna PTP™ (Power Transformer Protection) circuit. When the power transformer overheats due to environmental circumstances, overloading or some problem in the unit, an internal thermal switch breaks the primary, allowing the unit to cool down before harm is done. After it’s cooled, contact is restored and if nothing is broken, the amp will repower and function properly.
  • Hte mit neuer NOS Röhrenbestückung Second Hand Farbe silber, ca. 10 Jahre jung mit neuen Röhren !
  • All new PrimaLuna OTP™ (Output Transformer Protection) circuit which further protects the amplifier.
  • LIVE side of AC input connector indicated by aluminiumcolor screw.
  • 4 line level inputs

 Viele Testberichte hier:

Like all ProLogue amplifiers, it boasts:

  • Soft-start circuit Extends component and tube life by powering up the amp gently every time you turn it on.
  • Tube plate fuse Protects the amplifier output stage. Other amps may need a trip to the shop if a tube fails. Not this one. Just plug in a new tube and fuse, and go.
  • Adaptive AutoBias. Exclusive to PrimaLuna, this circuit monitors and adjusts bias automatically. Each power tube is monitored to stay in a peak operating range. Improved performance and better sound, with distortion reduced by 40 to 50 percent over conventional designs. No need for matched tubes. No bias adjustments. Ever.
  • It also allows you to experiment with different power tubes. Plug in virtually any power tube. Adaptive AutoBias will automatically adjust itself! In addition to EL-34s, you can use 6550, KT88, KT90, 6L6GC, KT66, 7581, EL37, and any of their equivalents.
  • Custom designed output transformers Encapsulated low hum, wide bandwidth for great bass and extended highs. Designed by Marcel Croese and one of the most prestigious transformer designers in the USA .
  • Premium parts . Fully vented chassis, chassis-mounted ceramic tube sockets, Alps potentiometer, Nichicon and Realcap capacitors. WBT style speaker terminals. Gold plated input jacks.
  • Hand made with the finest point to point wiring, with workmanship equal to or better than any product you can buy at any price, period.
  • Chassis made of finely finished heavy gauge steel, and five step automotive quality finish. Each coat hand rubbed and polished. Removable tube cage included no charge.
  • Toroidal power transformer for low hum, and a front end that is dead quiet.
  • Conservative design parameters: Though PrimaLuna amplifiers are powerful, tubes run well below their maxim ratings.




4 x EL-34, 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7


2 x 40 Watts pro Kanal


10Hz - 65 kHz +/- 3 dB


0,25% @ 1W; weniger als 1% bei voller Leistung


265 / 285 mV (for rated power at max. volumesetting)

Eingangs Impedanz

65 kOhm


4x RCA


4 & 8 Ohm Lautsprecher Anschlüsse

Abmessungen (B x H x T)

280 x 190 x 395 mm