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PS-Audio P10 Netzgenerator schwarz AUSVERKAUFT !


€6,790.00 €6,990.00

Kein Filter, sondern Generator, das macht den Unterschied.
Mit neuester Firmware nochmals etwas besser.

ULTIMATIVE NETZAUFBEREITUNG bis 1500 Watt Dauerleistung belastbar !

Beim PREMIER POWER PLANT WIRD DER STROM NEU GENERIERT, nicht gefiltert, daher auch kein DYNAMIKVERLUST wie bei vielen anderen "Filtern".

Bis 1500 Watt Dauerleistung, somit für fast jede Anlage geeignet, auf der Rückseite 9 Schukosteckdosen, getrennte Kreise erklären den großen Klanggewinn.

Vor allem im städtischem Wohnbereich fast unglaubliche TON- aber auch BILDVERBESSERUNG um Klassen +

Bereits der Vorgänger Premier Power Plant war vielfach empfohlen und Testgewinner,

High End Klang ist ohne Stromaufbereitung heute nicht mehr möglich.


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Jim Austin

It's not surprising that such a dejected-looking sinewave could suck the joy out of music. I knew it was possible that fixing my power would make my music cleaner and more accurate. What I didn't anticipate was that it would make the music so much more engaging. Maybe more accurate is more engaging—an appealing thought. Anyway, the PerfectWave P10 Power Plant may be an essential accessory for any audiophile who lives in a neighborhood like mine. A power conditioner—sorry, regenerator—may not be a sexy purchase, but I'm going to have a hard time sending this thing back.

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Inner Fidelity
Tyll Hertsens

On the other hand, there are things about shitty power that can get in the way of great audio reproduction—noise; voltage sags; grounding issues; etc. Cleaning that kind of stuff up may indeed improve listening. So, when I started putting together this idea for Big Sound 2015 I decided to give the folks at PS Audio a call and get some power conditioning from them. Well, a lot more than power conditioning, really. Power regeneration, in fact.

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Positive Feedback
By: Pete Davey

What market does this device target? I'm going to say all! You may not need the behemoth that is the P10, but you definitely need a power conditioner from PS Audio. I urge you to try one, it will be one of the best upgrades / additions to your system. Even if it cannot handle your power amps (most people say to plug them into the wall) the benefits are still there in spades. I cannot recommend these products enough! Very well engineered, aesthetically pleasing, and packed with features that a nerd like me cannot get enough of.

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HiFi News
By: Keith Howard

"This versatile, high-output mains regenerator thoroughly earns its place at the head of PS Audio's place at the head of PS Audio's latest range. There's good reason to suppose that with most audio equipment it will have an effect ranging from positive to positively startling. Notably fine value too."

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"The PS Audio PS10 gets you to the top of the class for the money, and the differences it can make will range from subtle -- if you've already taken my route -- to significant, if you've yet to explore this segment of the hi-fi turf. - effective, without a doubt. The P10 gets my wholehearted recommendation."




Testzitate über P5:


"Schon seit Jahren ist das PS Audio PPP in meiner Kette für höchsten Musikgenuss unverzichtbar. Und das neue P5 kann einiges sogar noch ein gutes Stück besser. Wenn Sie Ihren Komponenten das Optimum entlocken wollen, sollten Sie also in einen Netzgenerator investieren, zumal diese Ausgabe selbst beim Wechsel der gesamten Kette ihren Wert behält. Perfektionisten, die nicht auf den Euro achten müssen, greifen zum P5, Sparfüchse hingegen sehen sich nach einem gebrauchten Power Plant Premier um."