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Townshend Audio Supertweeter Demo Pair

Townshend Audio

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Passt für jeden Lautsprecher durch Anpassungsregler auf Rückseite, Kabel werden mitgeliefert, einfach zwischenstecken.

Rückgaberecht bei Nichtgefallen !  

Sinnvoll für fast alle Lautsprecher ohne Diamant oder Bänchenhochtöner.

Maximum Supertweeters

    • In the same way that a sub-woofer extends the low end of your system, Maximum Supertweeters reveal a wealth of detail in the midband and treble. Most striking tough, is the amazing improvement in bass detail.
    • Maximum Supertweeters reproduce high and very high frequencies in the most coherent and realistic fashion, delivering a rich harmonic structure that dome tweeters simply cannot match.
    • Coherent high frequencies affect the brain both physiologically and psychologically,revealing the full potential of your favourite recordings.
    • Maximum Supertweeters enhance and define bass, mid and treble. They are the key to high resolution.

Maximum Supertweeters heighten the sense of realism in music by extending the frequency response of conventional hi-fi speakers up to 90kHz. Although this is way above the theoretical limit of human hearing the presence of these frequencies creates a sense of naturalness and reveals detail right down into the bass.

Maximum Supertweeters allow you to get utmost pleasure from both digital and analogue formats by accurately revealing high frequency detail above 6kHz. Even though a CD cannot produce information above 20kHz Maximum Supertweeters make the format sound more natural and reveal a wealth of extra detail when compared with dome tweeters. This is because of the much faster response of the ultra-light ribbon diaphragm when compared with the much slower response of a relatively heavy dome assembly.

The Maximum Supertweeter works from 6kHz upwards making it better able to produce the leading edge of each transient without time smear. That’s why it makes a system sound more relaxed and natural, as it can respond to the signal with greater speed and greater accuracy.

What surprises people the most is the extra detail that they hear in the bass. You might expect the greater sense of ease and openness which they introduce but the harmonic detail that is revealed across the entire audio band is nothing short of miraculous.

The Maximum Supertweeter is engineered to integrate with all high quality speakers with simple connection utilising the 1.5m link cables provided. The Supertweeters are wired in parallel with the main amplifier feed or the tweeter connection at the main speaker. There is a six position level switch which allows for seamless integration with your speakers.

Supertweeters Reveal Detail – Visual Interpretation


  • It's not often that I write reviews, let alone for HiFi equipment where I have limited technical knowledge.  However, what I do have is decades of experience of listening to recorded music.  I must at once declare my allegiance to the Townshend brand.  I use Glastonbury 2 loudspeakers, which I love to bits and have never been tempted to change, Isolda speaker cables and DCT 300 interconnect.  It's all used with a Copland amplifier and cd player of good quality. I had decided that a pair of Supertweeters was going to be my next upgrade having read as much as I could on the subject generally, some of it very negative.  When the Townshend Supertweeters arrived I set them up, very simply done, and just sat down to listen.  Perhaps I may have had some idea of how they might improve things but even the most positive reviews did not prepare me for the revelatory difference they made.  Literally from the moment the music started I was gripped and then astonished.  I am not easily taken aback but there was such a transformation that my jaw dropped and at times there was such an emotional connection to the music that I had tears in my eyes.  I don't exaggerate this. I read one review of super tweeters which suggested that it was like having a new amplifier.  I think it's more than that because my whole system has been transformed.  How can a high frequency unit clarify the timbre and body of lower strings playing solo?  Well they do and much more besides.  I could write pages about the improvements across the audio spectrum including soundstaging, depth, ambience and dynamics.  All anyone needs to know is the bottom line.  They make recorded music sound more like real music and in the process pack quite an emotional wallop.  Anyone with doubts needs to forget all the debate and just listen.
    Edward, UK.
  • I have a fairly " high end" vinyl based system comprising Brinkmann la grange turntable with its10.5 inch arm and a Koetsu Jade cartridge, Allnic H 3000 phono stage, Canary 903 pre amp, Radford STA 25 power amp, Quad ESL 57 ( One Thing Audio ) and Audiophysica Luna subwoofers. The effect of the supertweeter was obvious from the outset , being a cleaner sound with more "air" in the soundstage - which is impressive as the system already majored on that. To begin with I had the Supertweeters on level 3 ( based on an online review I read). After a while I tried it on level 2 which had an interesting effect in that the sound stage became notably more layered and textural - which is exactly what I aim for. Last night I listened to a track I have owned for 20 years in which the vocals have always sounded a bit edgy - despite huge upgrades and  substantial financial outlay. For the first time the vocals were sweet and I may as well have been listening to a different track . I would say that the addition of the supertweeter has made a serious Improvement to an already pretty good sound in my system and I would certainly recommend it to anybody seeking a serious  sound upgrade.
    Howard, UK.
  • I must say that they are all what everybody has said about them, they sound wonderful, I own Quad 989=92s and they truly do improve not only the top end but the whole sound, from the bass up!
    John, Australia
  • Every speaker should have these! Stunning in every way.
    Marco, Italy.
  • I would just like to say again now that I have had the supertweeters for a few weeks, that the sound improvement in my Quad 989’s is superb, a great combination!

    I have had just decent quality speaker leads to the Quads and have been waiting for the right opportunity to try something better, so when I tried  your cables that come with the tweeters, first with them directly connected back to the amplifier (instead of piggy back from the spkrs) and was astounded at the improvements, making the tweeters even more fantastic, it also told me that my spkr leads must have been very average, so I moved the spkrs closer together so that I could hear them connected with your tweeters cables and was duly blown away by an incredible improvement, they were now the most transparent, detailed, natural, open, balanced, uncoloured sound I have ever heard come from them, and this without your tweeters helping them for the moment!
    John, UK.
  • I’m writing just to say the supertweeters made a great improvement to my system, and of course, I’m keeping them.
    Francisco, USA.
  • I have a pair of (much improved) ESL-63 Quads, and recently got a pair of your new ribbon tweeters, after hearing them on a few horn systems over friends houses during the recent Colorado Audio Fest.
    My initial impression of your speakers on the Quads was not favourable.  No matter what I did, my speakers simply sounded more natural without your tweeters.  However, the other day, I went back and re-read the instructions, with particular emphasis on the issue of speaker phasing.  Much to my surprise, and delight, reversing the leads from the tweeters into the Quads (positive of tweeter connected to negative of Quad etc.) did the trick.  Apparently, when connected in normal fashion the tweeters were out of phase with the Quads.  I am now enjoying the added magic of your speakers which I would enthusiastically endorse with ESL-63 WHEN connected as noted.  I sent this so that you could alert other Quad lovers.  
    Barry, USA.
  • I have a pair of your Super Tweeter in Titanium finish and have to say they are fantastic.
    Julie, UK.
  • I recently purchased a pair of supertweeters from SMC (after gentle persuasion for them to get a pair in on trial), the results are amazing, as other people have discovered, you don't really know how they work, but the effects are instant. Even on setting 1 the soundstage opens out, quite how the low frequencies improve I can`t work out but they just do! After many years of Hi-Fi "tweaking" this required very little effort and time in setting up, anyone who thinks that is a lot to spend on supertweeters alone think again, I use PMC OB1 speakers with a Rel sub, the addition of super tweeters means I have a A34500. speaker package, everyone who has heard them has said the sound is an improvement over many speakers which cost 2-3 times that amount. Thank you for a wonderful product, I can heartily recommend them to anyone who loves music,even if they think their systems perfect!
    Mr C, Australia
  • What your tweeters do to the Quads is simply black magic!
    Xavier, Brazil
  • Frequency Resp. Up to 90kHz. (See graph)
    Amplifier power: Up to 400W, unclipped music
    Rating to DIN IEC 268: 500w peak
    Max sensitivity(2.8V @ 1m) 89dB
    Nominal impedance: 11 ohm (min), rising to 20 ohm
    Drive unit: Pure aluminium ribbon.W 5mm, L 25mm, T, 0.01mm Mass 0.003grammes Ultra powerful rare earth neodymium magnets
    Crossover: First order
    Level control: 1:   74dB 2:   79dB 3:   83dB 4:   85dB 5:   87dB 6:   89dB
    Dimensions: Each W 50mm (2"), H 30mm (1.2"), D 100mm (4")Shipping (pair)W 250mm (10"), H 50mm (2"), D 200mm (8")
    Weight: Each 0.5 Kg (1.1lb) Shipping (pair) 1.2Kg (2.6lb)
    Cable: Banana or spade 1.5m

    Supertweeter Frequency Response