Ayon AV-8B Tube Röhre

avvt vaic

€440.00 €740.00

Sl Avvt Alesa Vaic Factory new unused absolutely rare Pair: 

Treiberröhre für Vaic (Ayon) Geräte, Monoblöcke ! 2 Stück, sehr genau selektier von AYON AUDIO, Paarpreios

Unbenutzt, matched pair, matched by Ayon Audio !

The AV 20B / AV20M  is  a very universal  and stabile tube, combining high gain, with a low output impedance. At a gain of 20,  at only 11 Watt dissipation, there is no comparable directly heated tube, that offers a  plate impedance of 3200 Ohm. 

As a driver tube,  when using a plate resistor, it can work with high voltage circuits is typically used for an 845, 211, or VV520B, using a supply voltage of  500...1200 Volts.   For lower Supply voltages the use of a plate choke is recommended.   With a plate choke the tube can run  at Supply  voltages of 350...450 Volt.   (See Note4 for use with HV tubes) 

As a lower signal tube, you can work at any required lower voltage, since you don't need to generate a maximum voltage swing. 

As an output tube, use  450 Volt supply voltage for obtaining the maximum output power of 2.5 Watt. 


  • AVVT's parallel ribbon filaments with 16 flat Surfaces, for more linearity
  • Two extra large getters
  • White  nickel plates
  • Unbreakable Hard-Glass Bulb
  • Anti-microphonic Suspension in Tube Top
  • Hard-metal filaments, which can never break. ( Note1)
  • Ceramic UX4 Socket with Gold Plated pins