NAD C338


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Besonderheiten: Bluetooth aptX, Frontanschlüsse (Kopfhörer), Google Cast, Spotify Connect !

Leistung 8Ω: 90W/​Kanal • Leistung 4Ω: 150W/​Kanal •

Tuner: Internetradio • Audio-Anschlüsse: 4x Digital Audio In (2x koaxial, 2x optisch), 2x Stereo Line In (RCA),

1x Phono In (RCA), 1x Sub Out (RCA), Kopfhörer (6.35mm) • Weitere Anschlüsse: WLAN (integriert),

Bluetooth Aptx (integriert) • Abmessungen (BxHxT): 435x71x302mm • Gewicht: 4.85kg •

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Introducing the NAD C 338

Getting the Basics Right
Built with NAD’s renowned music-first approach to audio architecture and amp design, the C 338 is equipped with the most advanced components commonly found in NAD’s class-leading line of amplifiers. Always starting with the details you can hear and advancing from there, NAD develops low-noise circuitry with the precision and stability to deliver incredible, near-zero distortion sound for the most difficult speakers.

HybridDigital™ Amp Technology
The search for a high-performance Class D solution led NAD to HybridDigital™, an innovative amplifier technology that uses a variable modulation frequency to bring out the life-like qualities of music, while reducing distortion under every operating condition. This highly optimized design gives phenomenal performance to the C 338 amplifier, both measured and subjective.

Efficient Class D Power
NAD has worked tirelessly to create the best performing Class D amplifiers that are energy efficient and produce beautiful sound—not heat—regardless of basic design principles. Using advanced measurements and data, NAD developed the C 338’s highly efficient power supply with a customised Hypex® UCD output stage to pump out 160 watts continuously and over 300 watts instantaneously to meet the demands of the most dynamic music. This new design is very linear over a wide bandwidth and provides consistent, noise-free performance for the amplifying stages with near perfect regulation of voltage.

Always Ready for Streaming
The C 338 has Chromecast built-in so you can cast music, tunes, podcasts, and playlists from your favourite apps on your phone, tablet or laptop to your stereo system. Spotify Connect® lets you discover millions of songs and stream them directly to your C 338 using the Spotify® app for a rich, wireless music experience. With the added flexibility of Bluetooth®, your music streaming possibilities are truly limitless with the C 338.

Built-in Phono Stage for Vinyl Listening
Connect a turntable to the C 338 with its built-in phono preamp that applies the perfect amplification to your vinyl collection. Using a MM phono stage and an innovative low-noise circuit path, the C 338 can reproduce the warmth of LPs with accurate RIAA equalization and control the infrasonic noise that is in all recordings, without ever affecting the bass response.

Flexible Connectivity
With a wide array of connections, including a separate headphone amplifier that can drive high-impedance studio monitor headphones, the C 338 is ready for any type of listening. Line inputs can accommodate all kinds of analogue source components, offering ideal input impedance with linear ultra-low noise buffer amplifiers to preserve the musicality of recordings. Also connect a subwoofer with low impedance line outputs and extend the versatility of this budget-friendly, do-it-all amplifier.



  • 2 optische und 2 koaxiale Digitaleingänge
  • WLAN Schnittstelle
  • Bluetooth® aptX®
  • 2 Analoge Cinch Eingänge
  • Phono Eingang (MM)
  • BassEQ Taste
  • Subwooferausgang


  • Hybrid Digital Verstärkertechnologie
  • 2 x 50 Watt Dauerleistung
  • 90/150/200 Watt dynamische Leistung an 8/4/2 Ohm
  • Solid State Lautstärkeregelung
  • Fernbedienung SR 9
  • Kunststofffront

Technische Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten.


The C 338 adds big sound to your favourite music sources and brings incredible flexibility to any stereo system.

The first-ever hi-fi amplifier to have Chromecast built-in, the C 338 allows you to stream and cast music directly from a mobile device or any music streaming app, letting you enjoy your music wirelessly. With Bluetooth® also natively integrated, the C 338 can wirelessly connect to any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled device within range so you seamlessly stream your favourite music apps or libraries in high-fidelity. Add a turntable using the phono input and experience the warmth of vinyl collections with the room-filling sound of NAD’s HybridDigital amp technology. Power, volume, source selection, and device settings are all controlled using the intuitive interface of the NAD Remote App for iOS and Android.